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High Fashion Tonglu Silk Culture Expo Center
A perfect combination of silk culture and healthy regimen
Six featured areas with multiple functions synchronized online
High Fashion Tonglu Silk Culture Expo Center<br>
High Fashion Tonglu Silk Culture Expo Center<br>
High Fashion Tonglu Silk Culture Expo Center<br>
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High Fashion Silk Health Expo Centre
The total construction area: 210,000 sq. ft., including lobby area, exhibition area, conference center area, interactive experience area, underground and above-ground supporting service area. In May 2021, we has started attracting foreign investment and cooperation. All major convention and exhibition enterprises, incubation bases of the industry, and intelligent innovation centers are welcome to discuss cooperation.
Millennium-old Ancient Mulberry Park
Millennium-old Ancient Mulberry Park has been completed, which runs through the whole park in the north-south direction. Some thousand-year-old ancient mulberry trees with the diameter over 1 meter have been successfully moved into the park. The development of the Millennium Ancient Mulberry Regimen and Recreation Park is just around the corner, where dreams are built around silk, and arts and health culture are combined together to materialize an ecological and natural silk culture exhibition center.
Silk Museum
A high-end boutique silk club supported by high-end facilities to undertake all kinds of high-end forums of health and regimen as well as conference training, and enjoy all kinds of fine silk, millennium-old ancient mulberry series of health and health care products, as well as the exhibition, display, and sales of collectibles. Fully opened in May of 2018.
Cultural and Creative Park
The total construction area: 150,000 sq. ft. for the highlights of high-grade office buildings of the cultural and creative industry. The Cultural and Creative Park has carried over the design philosophy of High Fashion Tonglu Silk Culture Expo Center to attract those high-quality new businesses related to cultural creativity, consultation design, health and regimen, e-commerce, fashion design, and Tonglu intangible cultural heritage to register and move in.
Silk-featured Commercial Street
The total construction area is 240,000 sq. ft. The investment targets are high-end education and art exhibition bases, high-end customized service organizations, and the sales and exhibition centers for high-end fine silk and its derivatives. It has started the attracting of foreign investment and cooperation in May 2021, and all interested parties are welcome to discuss cooperation.