High Fashion International Group


High Fashion International Group invented silk knitwear and promoted it to the whole world in the early 1990s, hence unleashing a new trend of silk knitwear globally. Till now, High Fashion’s knitwear industry still carries out the strategy of "intelligent manufacturing" to accelerate structural adjustments and industry upgrading. Harnessing the world's leading automated production equipment, smart process systems to customize boutique production and mass production modes, High Fashion’s knitwear innovation has created production technologies unique to knitwear, such as “intelligent integration of process and production”, “body-grown” process concept, “dye-free printing technology”, “new waist-line and hemline detailing technology” and the “smart braid sewing”, enabling the Group to deliver a range of diversified products to discerning customers.

Serving customers with high expectations, our industry model continues to accumulate the same. At this stage, High Fashion knitwear provides products of silk and silk blended knitwear primarily for the mid- to high-end customers in the US and Europe. Our knitwear unit is now an important supplier to famous international brands such as Ann Taylor, GUESS, MARCIANO, CK, DVF and MOSCHINO.


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