High Fashion International Group

Integrating Fashion with Innovation and Sustainability

Founded in 1978, High Fashion Group (0608.HK) is a modern fashion enterprise embracing sustainability and innovation that has built a multi-national business covering the entire fashion industry chain, including fashion design and production, printing & dyeing, retail & wholesale brand business and innovation hub & industrial park. 


Headquartered in Hong Kong, High Fashion has expanded its global footprints by establishing sales and marketing offices in the US and Italy, and our own garment factory in Cambodia. We have also set up production bases across China and Southeast Asia to maximise the production flexibility and achieve a competitive edge in our supply chain. Together with our stable quality management system and comprehensive capabilities in innovation of textile and garment, we keep expanding and growing our business into different fields, including sportswear, activewear and athleisure. 

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
Product Innovation
Product Innovation
Corporate Positioning
Sustainability, Creativity and Innovation
Originality and imagination are the essence of our products. Accompanied by scientific management and cutting-edge technologies, High Fashion has brought to the world different sustainable and innovative products. The ever-growing importance in digitalisation has also prompted High Fashion to push for the application of information technology in business development. The implementation of Industrial 4.0, utilization of digital platforms, adoption of 3D true-to-life sampling and investment in AI projects empowers us to stay ahead of the game.
An All-in-one Supply Chain Model
With an extensive network of factories and a highly skilled manufacturing management centre, High Fashion is able to bring all types of quality garment merchandise to our customers trouble-free. While we dedicate ourselves in developing fabrics and workmanship that could be found nowhere, we also run a strong industrial engineering department in order to provide the most competitive solution. With the advantage of vertically integrated business model and the inspiration of IoT (Internet of Things), High Fashion pursues supply chain network optimisation, generating more streamlined workflows and aiming at quicker response, faster decisions and earlier new products.
Fashion Ecosystem - WL District
WL District (WLD), a vibrant ecosystem which gathers upstream and downstream companies from the creative industries into one place. Established in 2016, "WL District Hangzhou" is a world-class creativity and innovative hub that houses over a hundred enterprises coming from the fields of fashion design, technology, e-commerce and sustainability. Newly revitalised in 2020, "WL District Hong Kong" adopts a similar ecosystem model and is now a growing community of like-minded businesses. WLD leverages High Fashion's extensive resources, connections and industrial experience to forge an ecological, omni-channel community with endless opportunities ahead.
Business Philosophy
Technological Change
In order to transform and upgrade traditional industries, we have continuously keep up with advanced technologies. By implementing new technologies into our production process, such as 3D, artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain, we have established a smart supply chain.
Supply Chain Sustainability
High Fashion upholds the spirit to diversify and innovate. We are ready to dive deeper on sustainable garments and introduce active wear and athleisure wear. We proactively integrate and allocate all resources to elevate ourselves to the next level of innovation skills, creating High Fashion’s one-of-a-kind products and providing customers with quality products and services.
Evolve over Time
To thrive, High Fashion is driven to respond to change in time. We assess and predict the future trends with foresight, planning and continuous learning. We adapt to the rapidly-changing market and look for opportunities hidden in change; adjust and upgrade our organization, processes and talent and skill base ahead of the curve. Challenging the status quo to keep improving ourselves, High Fashion acts fast and swift with strong strategy and powerful and effective execution.