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WL District
An International Fashion Industry Ecosystem

WL District (WLD) is a cultural park for fashion, technology, and collaboration. Established in 2016, WLD does not only offer a perfect space for sustainable production, but also research activities. We provide a full spectrum of integrated services, including business incubator and supply chain management.

It is a business platform that echoes the development of the world clothing industry, gathering fashion incubation, innovation space, Internet + concept, research and development platform; providing start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and multinational companies from the whole clothing production chain.



WL District
WL District



WL District (WLD) II - High Fashion Qianjiang International Science and Technology Industrial Park, with a planned area of 9 hectares and GFA of about 2.7 million square feet, will be developed and constructed in four phases. The GFA of the first phase of the development is about 660,000 square feet, and it is planned to be completed and put into production in August 2022.

The investment invitation and absorption of the project firmly centers on the industrial development plan of Xiaoshan District, utilising the resource advantages accumulated by WLD I, to bring in corporate resources in bioscience, digital economy, and high-end service industries. 


WLD Official Website: https://www.wldistrict.com/
WLD Inspires
WLD Inspires
Resource Integration and Sharing

Under the WLD blueprint, we have built an ecosystem that integrates design, fabric and accessories development, production, logistics, live streaming, and marketing. The members would benefit from our supply chain management system that helps them to commercialize their products and ideas.

Star Workshop

Star Workshop is a fashion platform tailored for designers, focusing on providing designers with one-stop supply chain services offering designers support in branding building and product manufacturing.


WLD features creativity, office administration, market support and logistics arrangements for members of Star Workshop and The.Me Showroom, under the trending concept of co-working.


Showroom is a fashion platform which connects designers and enterprises in WLD, and it outputs the works of Star Workshop and the brand of the company to Showroom for display. These works of Star Workshop and the brand can be Interacted and communicated with web celebrity, hipster shop and other resources through Showroom platform.

Fashionable, Scientific and Technological, Smart Sharing, a New Paradigm for the Office

High Fashion Centre (HFC) is a revitalized commercial building located at 1-11 Kwai Hei
Street, with approximately 240,000 sq.ft retail & office space in total. HFC is connected
to Kwai Fong MTR Station and Metroplaza by a covered footbridge and is within 5 minutes
walking distance to this major shopping mall in Kwai Tsing District. Situated at the mouth of
a major highway in Hong Kong, it is very convenient to travel to and from mainland China,
Hong Kong International Airport, West Kowloon High Speed Railway Station and CBDs like
Tsim Sha Tsui and Central.HFC aims to serve as an international fashion and technology
co-working hub, which provides a modern and digitalized office area for our tenants.

We are equipped with most updated management technology, best resources sharing network
and an extensive tenant membership system. Inside HFC, you would also find F&B venues,
wifiservice, and even an accelerating program for growing start-ups. HFC will create the best
fashion eco-community in Hong Kong, and will be home to many established and emerging
businesses. The revitalization project has been completed and opened in 2020.


Address (Hong Kong): 1 – 11 Kwai Hei Street, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Leasing hotline (Hong Kong): +852 2615 5188

Leasing Enquiry (Hong Kong): leasing@highfashion.com.hk

Our Strength
Accelerate Growth and Safeguard the Continual Development of the group
Amenities and Facilities
WLD offers not only open office, professional incubating platform, showroom and roadshow area and shared conference room, but also F&B and entertainment options.
All round Service
We provide all that you would need, from business advices at early-stage to networking and financing. We would be your loyal partner throughout your journey.
A Fully Vertical Setup
High Fashion International is fully vertical. From Spinning, weaving, printing & dyeing to finishing, from design to production, we possess all the world-class techniques and skills. We comprehend what it takes to make fast fashion; and are able to provide quick response production to accommodate.
Global Market
High Fashion International has more than 2500 point of sales all over the globe, including New York, Milan, London, Paris, Leon and Singapore, and would provide an excellent bridge for our members to reach the world.