High Fashion International Group

Pass on Oriental Culture with Creativity

The High Fashion Group has always been committed to the mission of carrying oriental culture forward integrating traditional craftsmanship with creativity,  leading the way to internationalization in fashion, technology and innovation.

2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit
2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit
National Cultural Heritage Gift

The High Fashion Group stepped onto the world stage and presented Chinese oriental scarves to the heads of state and 6,000 international journalists.

G20 Head of State Gift 

Inspired by the 20 National Flowers of the participant countries at the G20 Summit, the giftsets were made to honor the city where the summit was held and symbolize the friendship of the 20 countries.

G20 Summit Journalists' Gift

Based on the summit theme of "building an innovative, energetic, interconnected and comprehensive world economy", we produced scarves bearing Chinese culture and commemorative significance for the international journalists.

G20 Welcome Outfit

Combining traditional and modern concept, interpreting the elegant Chinese style cheongsams for the welcome ceremony at G20, celebrating the glamour of Hangzhou.

APEC China 2014
APEC China 2014

Being an innovative fabric supplier for the Chinese outfits of 21 heads of state and their wives at the Beijing National Aquatics Center. 

Each fabric was made up of different colours, and those eventually used in the clothing for the leaders included imperial palace red, rose red, royal purple, navy blue, peacock blue, light blue, light purple and others.

2008 Beijing Olympic Games
2008 Beijing Olympic Games

The High Fashion Group was a licensed product enterprise at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, representing the debut of Chinese culture at the Olympics.

On August 9, 2008, the Xiangyun Cottage provided by the High Fashion Group was exhibited in the Beijing Olympic Public Area on behalf of Zhejiang Province and caused a sensation. During the Olympics, thousands of foreign athletes, government officials, and people from all over the country visited and were left with a deep and beautiful impression.

Donation to Museums
Donation to Museums
Zhejiang Merchants Museum

Our donation does not only allow easier access to the G20 treasures, but also contributes to the continuation and development of the heritage culture. 

Zhejiang University of Technology Silk Museum

More than 30 precious pieces manufactured by the High Fashion Group were donated as a permanent collection. These include a newspaper produced in the 1990s for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the country, an ancient loom, paintings printed in the 1980s and gifts that we made for a range of national events.