High Fashion International Group

High Fashion Centre, Office for Hong Kong Headquarter, Officially Opened

The day of 31 July is of special significance to High Fashion Group. The revitalization of the industrial building project which took 2.5 years has been officially completed. This former traditional industrial building has transformed into a modern and fashionable office building, High Fashion Centre (HFC). Not only the building facilities and hardware of HFC have been upgraded, but it has also been infused with the concept of “WL District (WLD), Co-Working & Sharing Space”, offering a unique and premium working space in the district.



WLD is an initiative of co-working and shared office space. Taking the shared space facilities established in WLD Hangzhou as reference, we redefined the building with more diversified functions than ordinary office buildings. HFC is located at the heart of Kwai Chung, close to the MTR station. Situated at the mouth of a major highway in Hong Kong, it is very convenient to travel to and from mainland China, Hong Kong International Airport, West Kowloon High Speed Railway Station and CBDs like Tsim Sha Tsui and Central. HFC aims to serve as an international fashion and technology co-working hub, which provides a modern and digitalized office area for our tenants.

HFC has a number of shared facilities, including 9 fully equipped shared conference rooms for video conferencing, 3 shared coffee and cafe spaces, a rooftop garden that can hold sizable events, and a large space on the 12th floor suitable for product display, with modern and stylish design.




Colleagues gathered at the gate of the new office building at 6:45 in the morning on the day of the opening. The venerables started the purification ceremony at 7 o'clock. Everyone put their palms together, chanting for about fifteen minutes, then they walked around the building. The whole ceremony was completed in about an hour, and then everyone went to the meeting room to have breakfast.

The founder of High Fashion Group, Mr. Lam, together with the two venerables talked about the Buddhist Scriptures, uttering the concepts of "purify your heart", "wisdom", etc., and also shared his own enlightenment, "The purification ceremony teaches us how to purify the heart and how to gain wisdom. Wisdom can contribute to your physical and mental health. At the same time, it allows you to face the endless challenges of life, ups and downs, and High Fashion can do better because of this." We must hold strong belief in heart so that we can utilise wisdom to face everything.


In a shared boardroom that can accommodate more than 60 people, suitable for large meetings.

It is a rare opportunity to be able to gather with the venerables. Mr. Lam encouraged everyone to ask questions and communicate with each other. The venerables answered the questions patiently, and the atmosphere was full of harmony and joy. The whole ceremony ended with a specially arranged vegetarian meal at noon.

High Fashion Group has came with a new look in the revamped HFC, reaching another milestone in the business. During the pandemic, High Fashion people unite and work together with continuous innovation, truth-seeking beliefs and wisdom to break through from adversity and start a new chapter.