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High Fashion (China) - Green Manufacturing, Level Up!

All three branches of High Fashion have been awarded the world's most prestigious sustainable textile production - STeP by OEKO-TEX® certification.

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In August 2018, High Fashion (China) Printing and Dyeing Branch has received STeP certification; 

In June 2020, High Fashion (China) Garment Branch has received STeP certification;

In August 2021, High Fashion (China) Knitwear Branch has received STeP certification.

So far, the three major business sectors of High Fashion (China) are all covered by the STeP by OEKO-TEX® certification system. The STeP certification management system from fabrics to knitting and woven garments has been established to ensure that customers are provided with environmentally friendly and green products, and one-stop supporting services to further realize the sustainable development of the textile and garment industry chain.

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The inspection scope of STeP certification is comprehensive and meticulous. The certification body pays attention to the entire production chain of textile and garment factories and even the upstream suppliers and end customers, which also includes the latest international environmental protection hot issues. The authority and rigor of this certification system is second to none in the world.

This time, the six major modules, chemical management, environmental performance, environmental management, quality management, social responsibility and health and safety management, of High Fashion (China) in the 2021 STeP certification assessment all achieved results far exceeding the industry and global average.

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(STeP Certification Global Performance Comparison)

In recent years, the company has proactively strengthened industry-university-research cooperation, continuously increased investment in research and development, and established technological innovation system and operating mechanism. All our departments coordinate with each other and fully participate in it. In the process of applying for STeP by OEKO-TEX® certification, the company has also advanced the capabilities of management.

STeP by OEKO-TEX® certification requires comprehensive utilization of resources, including recycling of waste water, waste heat and production surplus materials, the use of energy-saving equipment in the production workshop, etc., to reduce waste, which is completely consistent with the company's philosophy of energy-saving and consumption-reducing. At the same time, STeP's requirement on environmental protection and social responsibility commitments is what High Fashion has always upheld.

Through this STeP certification, High Fashion (China) has made further improvements in on-site management and resource utilization. In the future production management, we will continue to strictly adhere to STeP standards for green manufacturing and sustainable development, aiming to better provide consumers with product experiences beyond expectation.

This is the unremitting persistence and efforts of High Fashion-ers, and more it is High Fashion (China)'s social responsibility!

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