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High Fashion Group At The Economist Impact's Sustainability Week Asia 2022 | To Lead Sustainability Initiative In Fashion And Apparel Industry

Hong Kong (Feb 24, 2022)  On 16th February 2022, Will Lam, CEO of High Fashion Group spoke at the Economist Impact's Sustainability Week Asia 2022 (14th February – 17th February 2022) virtually as a sustainability leader in the fashion and apparel industry, analyzing how the industry can urgently act to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The event was open to the public and approximately 4,100 people were in attendance.

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Under the theme of “Climate risk and biodiversity: Outlooks for textiles and clothing manufacturing”, Will Lam highlighted the key sustainability trends and goals towards a circular fashion economy based on four factors: digitalization, traceability, recycling and upcycling. He emphasized that global businesses should take the lead on sustainability in order to make green goods and services accessible to the consumer. By doing so, the ways of corporate decarbonisation can be divided into two aspects, upstream operations such as materials production, preparation and processing; downstream retail operations such as transport, packaging, retail operations and usage.

Will Lam said, “Thank you Economist Impact for inviting me to speak at the Sustainability Week Asia. The fashion industry will continue to grow as a result of shifting population and consumption patterns, so I strongly encourage international companies to join me in optimizing their ESG performance and reducing the industry’s GHG footprint together.”


High Fashion Group looks forward to seeing more businesses to embed sustainability into their core strategy and daily operations, providing more eco-friendly products to the customers across the globe, creating a circular economy for the fashion industry.