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We are taking actions against the Coronavirus|High Fashion’s fight at the frontline
We are taking actions against the Coronavirus|High Fashion’s fight at the frontline
The Coronavirus outbreak demands effective response. It is crucial for us to undertake the responsibility to prevent and control the spread of the virus.The Coronavirus outbreak has turned the festive Lunar New Year holidays in 2020 into a race against time. The nation has come together as one to battle against the novel virus. All levels of governments have been collaborating closely; medical workers across the country have been mobilised; and the community has given generous support and help.On 23 January, the Zhejiang Provincial Government enacted the country’s highest level of public health emergency response. High Fashion (China) understands the importance of complying with the infection control regulations set up by the government. We have high vigilance towards the outbreak. Having observed the actual situation of our company, we swiftly began preparation for a comprehensive infection prevention system.1、Holistic planning to ensure accurate implementation of measuresHigh Fashion identified the need to develop contingency plans and measures for infection prevention a year ago. In response to the Coronavirus, the Company established a “Coronavirus Emergency Taskforce”, which comprises staff from middle to top level management and also those who are appointed to take up a position in handling the emergency. At the same time, the Company has set up work teams that are responsible for education and promotion, infection prevention and control, and resource management. This clear division of work would ensure accountability.To improve the coordination of our work, we have implemented the “daily reporting system” to collect information about the progress of infection prevention. Video conferences are held every day through software like WeChat, ZOOM and DingTalk so that we can modify plans, reallocate resources and step up our overall effort. Having understood our responsibility as a corporate, we rise to the challenge by being proactive and fast.2、Keeping a close watch on employees’ situationsHaving utilised Big Data technology, we developed an information collection platform for employees who have returned to their hometowns during the Lunar New Year holidays. This platform collects information such as employees’ travel and contact histories, health conditions and the situation of their residences. We have been paying special attention to employees who are in areas that are severely affected by the Coronavirus.The data collected were thoroughly analysed and then provided to each department. This is to ensure that the departments receive accurate updates about their workers, which is crucial for developing further measures.3、Monitoring the health conditions of all employeesThe health declaration form was designed and are being distributed. Employees who are staying at company dormitories have to declare their health conditions and other relevant information for monitoring. Each employee’s information is systematically filed. Those who are returning to Hangzhou or to their respective job positions later will also be required to fill in the health declaration form. For those who do not meet the conditions of coming back to work, they will be asked to go home or resume work at a later date.4、Educating employees about effective infection prevention practicesInformation such as the nature of and ways to prevent Coronavirus infection has been shared to employees through online and offline channels. We place high emphasis on promoting knowledge in infection prevention and control. We maintain close communication with employees through online official accounts, notice boards and by posting huge banners. Employees are constantly reminded to protect themselves and not to believe in or spread false information.5、Real-time communication between infection prevention/control work teams and employeesA WeChat group was opened such that special arrangements and information about work commencement can be communicated to employees immediately.6、SterilisationWork areas and dormitories are sterilised. Every corner of the public areas such as car parks, office space, dormitory corridors, elevators and toilets are disinfected thoroughly to avoid the spread of the virus.7、24-hour shift to guard the entry and exit of workers-Holiday was cancelled for key persons who are in charge of infection prevention and control, and also for relevant departments. A 24-hour shift system is arranged to allow enclosed management. The entry and exit of individuals in work areas and dormitories are carefully monitored. Stations are set up at each entrance for people to register personal information and health conditions, and do mandatory temperature checks. If one shows symptoms of being infected, corresponding measures will be taken.8、Ensuring adequate supply of medical resourcesAlthough there is a shortage of medical supply across the nation, we have successfully solicited help from providers to ensure that there is sufficient stock of face masks, gloves, alcohol, sterilising fluid and infra-red thermometers. This is essential for effective infection prevention and control.During this period of hardship, our employees, members of this wonderful and close-knit family, have been working tirelessly to push forward the initiatives of infection prevention and control. Even though it will take time for the Coronavirus outbreak to end, we firmly believe that with our determination and also the help of medical advances, we will be able to win this hard battle together.
China International Import Expo (CIIE) | Congratulations to High Fashion Business Park for Officially Awarded as the Extended Platform of the Shanghai CIIE and the Hongqiao Pinhui Zhejiang Centre (Han
China International Import Expo (CIIE) | Congratulations to High Fashion Business Park for Officially Awarded as the Extended Platform of the Shanghai CIIE and the Hongqiao Pinhui Zhejiang Centre (Han
On 5 November 2019, the highly anticipated Second China International Import Expo (CIIE) officially kicked off. Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China, delivered a keynote speech on "Openness and Cooperation for a Shared Future" at the opening ceremony of the CIIE. In this open and shared global event, participants from all over the world forge friendship and discuss business opportunities with each other.On 4 November, on the eve of President Xi Jinping’s strongest calling for "opening up", the "Oriental Expo Night" cum 2019 Supply-Demand Matchmaking Conference of CIIE, jointly organized by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Cooperation and Exchange Office, the Changning District People’s Government and Orient International (Holding) Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Shanghai.Well Lam, Managing Director of High Fashion (China) Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the conference, and witnessed a more open and shared Chinese mind with 100 exhibitors from 33 countries and regions on 5 continents.—— Strategic Partnership Signing Ceremony ——Devoting ourselves to silk fashion for 41 years, High Fashion has laid solid industrial foundation and gathered high-quality resources at home and abroad. High Fashion (China) Co., Ltd. has already successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement and extended cooperation agreement with Shanghai Hongqiao International Import Commodities Exhibition Co., Ltd. on 25 September.This indicates that from now on, High Fashion will follow the principles of “carrier integration, platform co-construction, information co-sharing, and demand co-solving”, play its role functioning as a business park and platform, and continue to promote and deepen the "365-day" transaction service platform construction in Zhejiang (Hangzhou), a key area in the Yangtze River Delta, so that the benefits of CIIE will reach more cities, enterprises and people.—— Award Presentation Ceremony——At the matchmaking conference, High Fashion (China) Business Park has officially been awarded as the extended platform of Shanghai CIIE and Hongqiao Pinhui Zhejiang Center (Hangzhou), becoming a strategic partner of Shanghai Hongqiao International Import Commodities Exhibition Co., Ltd.Gu Yaojun, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Commission of Commerce of Changning District, Shanghai (left)Well Lam, Director of High Fashion (China) Co., Ltd. (middle)Zhang Lei, Director of the Promotion Office of Orient International (Holdings), CIIE (right)Well Lam, Director of High Fashion (China), shared that the CIIE is an excellent platform. With the prevailing trade protectionism around the globe, China's hosting of the CIIE not only shows the broad-mindedness as a great power, but also demonstrates China’s important position in the global market. As a Hong Kong-funded enterprise, High Fashion is very confident in the future development of the country. This time, successfully being an extended platform of the CIIE, High Fashion will definitely promote the connection of upstream and downstream, domestic and foreign industrial resources, and accelerate the synergistic development between different regions. We also welcome all domestic and foreign companies to visit High Fashion.—— CIIE Extended Platform & High Fashion Platform——This matchmaking conference focused on the two themes of "CIIE" and "Yangtze River Delta Integration", and assumed the role of "key channel, key hub, key platform, and key force" of the CIIE. As a key point of contact, the Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center ("Hongqiao Pinhui") also serves as the main platform to undertake the spillover effects of the CIIE.In the post-CIIE era, Hongqiao Pinhui will continue to advance the establishment of a favourable environment for open cooperation and mutual benefits, and provide market and investment opportunities for more countries and enterprises to achieve common development.As an international enterprise covering the entire fashion industry chain, High Fashion leveraged the strategic opportunity of the CIIE and Yangtze River Delta Integration and signed the agreement as the extended platform of CIIE. This signifies the corporate's response of "Openness and Cooperation" by President Xi and the CIIE theme of "New Era, Shared Future", and also expresses the determination of High Fashion seeking in-depth cooperation and building an "international fashion industry integration platform".With the “Belt and Road Initiative” as the background, our own industrial chain resources as the foundation, and the global talents in the design field as the connection, High Fashion proactively builds a global fashion industry integration platform. High Fashion's goal is to become a landmark of Zhejiang's fashion industry and to further promote in-depth and win-win cooperation in the fashion industry of various countries, which largely shares the same purpose of the CIIE of establishing a platform of open cooperation."We need to promote development through opening-up and deepen exchanges and cooperation among us. We need to 'join hands' with each other instead of 'letting go' of each other's hands. We need to 'tear down walls', not to 'erect walls'," shared by President Xi.Guided by President Xi's speech on "promoting reform and development through opening-up", High Fashion will give full play to the great role of the business park as an extended platform, actively integrate into the new opening-up structure of the country, bring in more international high-quality fashion resources, and expand internationally to take advantage of overseas markets and resources, expediting the nation's "Go Out" Policy. Let us look forward to it together!
High Fashion Officially a Member of Hangzhou City Brand Promotion Association, Helping Hangzhou Build a
High Fashion Officially a Member of Hangzhou City Brand Promotion Association, Helping Hangzhou Build a "City of Quality of Life"
On 29 June, 2019, the 3rd General Meeting of Hangzhou City Brand Promotion Association was successfully held in Narada Resort & Spa Liangzhu. The theme of the meeting was to complete the election of the 3rd Council of the Association, thus advancing the development of Hangzhou's city brand business with a higher starting point and better services.More than 100 representatives from Hangzhou's relevant intelligentsia, media sector, industrial and business circles, and the government attended this meeting, working together towards the goal of building "quality of life" for Hangzhou and making Hangzhou become a "world renowned city".Hangzhou City Brand Promotion Association, as a new "multi-layered" social body, has been committed to promoting the building of Hangzhou city brand since its establishment in 2007. The credibility, cohesion, and influence of the association have been increasing.▲Voting on the list of suggestions of the 3rd CouncilAs a member unit of "Hangzhou City Brand Promotion Association", High Fashion was invited to attend the conference and participate in the general voting, witnessing the further growth and breakthrough of the association.After the election of the 3rd Council, industry leaders from different fields exchanged and shared their ideas and thoughts on the two themes of "enhancing interaction between city brands, industry brands and corporate brands" and "human value and internationalisation of brands". They had a comprehensive and thought-provoking analysis on how to strengthen brand communication from a professional perspective.As a part of Hangzhou corporates in the new era, High Fashion has been striving to build the city brand of Hangzhou. In the course of building brands together, the brand of High Fashion has achieved high-quality development at the same time.The city's industries and enterprises are an important source of vital elements for city brands. It requires more forces and participation for shaping and upgrading city brands. As a member of the promotion association, High Fashion will continue to actively respond to the city's brand building requirements, tell the "High Fashion story" and be a "characteristic brand" as a representative for the city, and provide strong support for Hangzhou to build a "City of Quality of Life".
Create a Beautiful Factory and Build an Eco Business Park |  Launching Ceremony of Xianshan District
Create a Beautiful Factory and Build an Eco Business Park | Launching Ceremony of Xianshan District "Beautiful Factory, Trade Union in Action" at High Fashion
In order to fully implement President Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress of “Speeding up Reform of the System for Developing an Ecological Civilization, and Building a Beautiful China”, and carry out the district committee’s strategic deployment of “Better Environmental for the District”, the Xiaoshan District Federation of Trade Unions actively responded to the initiative and called on leading enterprises and their employees to actively participate in the "beautiful factory" project to help build "beautiful Xiaoshan".On the afternoon of 28th May, the launching ceremony of the "Beautiful Factory, Trade Union in Action" activity was held in High Fashion (China) Business Park. Mr. Gu Dafei, Vice-Chairperson of the Standing Committee of the Xianshan District People’s Congress and Chairman of the District Federation of Trade Unions, Fang Jun, Deputy District Mayor of Xiaoshan District, relevant leaders of the Office of Xianshan District "Beautiful Factory" project, principal officials of the Xiaoshan District Federation of Trade Unions and cadres of government bodies, Vice Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of towns and bureaus, Trade Union employees, Beautiful Factory Construction pilot enterprises, 51 Grassroots Trade Union Demonstration Enterprises, volunteer employee representatives, regional trade union chief mediators and media reporters attended the ceremony.Ms. Zheng Lu, General Manager of High Fashion (China) and Party Secretary, participated in the launching ceremony and delivered a speech as a representative of the pilot enterprises of the Beautiful Factory Construction.The launching ceremony marks the official start of the construction of the "Beautiful Factory" in Xiaoshan District. The reason that High Fashion Business Park was chosen as the location for the ceremony was because they speak highly of the beauty of the unique ecological characteristics of High Fashion Business Park, which serves as a model for many companies to build "beautiful factories".What exactly is a "beautiful factory"? What interpretation did the Xiaoshan District Federation of Trade Unions give to this initiative? Let's get to know it together.The establishment of "Beautiful Factory" focuses on four elements, which are the beautiful environment of the factory, the beautiful environment of the work site, the beauty of corporate culture and the green development. They can be realized by implementing four actions: environmental sanitation in the factory area, garbage sorting activities, improvement of staff quality, and establishment of long-term rules and regulations. These actions lead to six key tasks, which are to improve the environment, improve infrastructure, deepen waste classification, standardize board and lodging management, strengthen environmental protection, and enhance staff education, so as to achieve the goal of "cleaning, greenifyng, beautifying, and lightening".Ms. Zheng Lu, General Manager of High Fashion (China) delivered a speech on behalf of pilot enterprises.As the representative of the pilot enterprises of "Beautiful Factory", Ms. Zheng Lu gave an introduction of High Fashion’s efforts in the initiative to optimize the construction of the ecological business park, and stated that High Fashion would continue to further enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency of the company to become an enterprise with excellent environment and strong capabilities.Flag Presentation Ceremony of Pilot Enterprises and Employee RepresentativesAfter the flag presentation ceremony of the pilot enterprises and employee volunteer representatives, Fang Jun, Deputy District Mayor of Xiaoshan District, put forward relevant opinions on how to implement the work of creating a "beautiful factory". Gu Dafei, Chairman of the District Federation of Trade Unions, announced the official launch of "Beautiful Factory, Trade Union in Action".Fang Jun, Deputy District Mayor of Xiaoshan District gave a speech.Gu Dafei, Vice-Chairperson of the Standing Committee of the Xianshan District People’s Congress and Chairman of the District Federation of Trade Unions, announced the launch.Knowledge TrainingVisiting High Fashion's Centre for EmployeesThe Training SiteAfter the launching ceremony, hundreds of representatives of trade union employees, representatives of pilot enterprises in the beautiful factory construction, and representatives of 51 demonstration enterprises of grass-roots trade unions gathered at the High Fashion's Centre for Employees to participate in the "beautiful factory" construction knowledge training.Ms. Huo Mingming, Chairman of High Fashion Trade Union, delivered a speech.Huo Mingming, Chairman of High Fashion Trade Union, introduced High Fashion's efforts and results in the construction of "green factory" and sustainable development in recent years.The construction of "beautiful factory" is an important way for Xiaoshan striving to build a "beautiful city", and it is also a project that is achieved for the present and will stand in the future. From now on, High Fashion will continue to implement the green and sustainable development strategy to respond to the requirements of the "Beautiful Factory" construction, and strive to live up to the title of "China's Most Beautiful Factory Area".Green Ecological FactoryFocusing on sustainable development goals, the company has accelerated the construction of supporting facilities in the business park, and established a low-carbon recycling environmental protection system through green management of the garment industry chain. We have achieved safe, efficient, harmonious and healthy development of the corporate economy and environmental protection.In 2018, High Fashion was awarded the world's pestigious textile eco-label certification, and has since become the only silk enterprise in the world that holds both OEKO-TEX® and MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® certifications, and is also the first silk company in China to obtain MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® certification.Scan the QR code to check out the details of High Fashion's certificationModern Production BaseRegarding production and manufacturing, High Fashion adheres to the concept of intelligent manufacturing and innovation-driven industrial development, and has realized the construction of digital, intelligent and modern factories. In the business park with a total area of 2.7 million sq. ft., the three major production bases of printing and dyeing, garrment, and knitting have been equipped with spacious and clean workshops, modern working spaces and standardized 6S management systems.Rich Employee EngagementAdhering to the core value of “fulfilling ourselves in fulfilling others, benefiting ourselves in benefiting others”, High Fashion is also committed to providing employee engagement activities and supporting facilities. We set up a library, audio-visual room, gym and other facilities for employees. We care about and enrich employees’ spare time by establishing a staff club with various cultural and sports activities such as hiking, running, photography, etc. High Fashion puts our corporate culture into practice.
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan visited High Fashion, Exchanging Ideas and Seeking Opportunities
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan visited High Fashion, Exchanging Ideas and Seeking Opportunities
High Fashion helps non-local students studying in Hangzhou have a deeper understanding and better integration into the development of Hangzhou. We build a platform for exchanges between Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan talents and the city of Hangzhou. On May 15, 2019, a group of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students studying in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University visited High Fashion’s modern garment production base, Hangzhou's representative garment enterprise, to gain an in-depth understanding of the status of innovation and development and discuss the employment prospects of foreign students in Hangzhou with Ms. Pan Fengjiao, Director of the Human Resources Sharing Center, and Mr. Xu Mei, Manager of the Sustainable Development Department.The delegation of teachers and students from High Fashion Womenswear Institute also participated in this exchange activity. Both the University and the Institute look forward to more cooperation and exploring opportunities in the future.In the forum, the Human Resources Sharing Center first introduced High Fashion's current development, innovative management model, corporate employment, and talent training strategies, so that students had a preliminary understanding of High Fashion. Then the students proactively spoke out and shared their thoughts in the discussion session which was interactive and engaging. A student majoring in design at the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University said that it is much easier to stay in the mainland for work now than before. The school and society are encouraging them to stay in Hangzhou for employment. He asked when large-scale enterprises like High Fashion with trading and processing business that emphasizes innovation recruit interns, what the ratio of engineering major and business majors would be. If one is interested in marketing, he would like to know if High Fashion would give design students the opportunity to get to know more about the market.Ms. Pan Fengjiao, Director of the Human Resources Sharing Center, answered the students’ questions one by one in detail, and said that talents are paramount to a city's development. Only when Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students in Hangzhou feel more about the city’s charm and know more about the opportunities of career development, can they find their own value and build the sense of identity. High Fashion always welcomes international students from various majors for internships at the company. Regardless of the major, as long as you are outstanding, High Fashion can provide you with suitable platform and positions. Even if you are interested in developing in fields different from your major, the company will give you the opportunity of continuous learning.After a relaxing and pleasant face-to-face exchange, the first stop the students visited was the R&D Center of High Fashion Garment Branch.▲Students observing High Fashion's 3D custom tailoring software operation closelyThe students were interested in understanding the process of modern garment production on the spot, and showed a keen interest in 3D custom tailoring and other cutting-edge technologies. Many students majoring in fashion design even asked for further in-depth understanding and learning.▲Visiting High Fashion's digital printing workshop▲Visiting the printing, dyeing and finishing workshopIn the digital printing workshop, students watched the operation of digital printing machines. Machines like printers with high speed, wide-width format and high precision are a revolutionary breakthrough in the traditional printing and dyeing industry. After the visit in person, they all exclaimed how innovative and well-developed the silk industry is and admired the development of High Fashion's industrial technology.Although it was raining on that day, the students who travelled in the High Fashion Business Park remained enthusiastic and unaffected. The purpose of this visit is to let schools and enterprises to communicate in order to guide the inflow of talents from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and to accurately match them to the right roles. As an international modern fashion enterprise covering the entire fashion industry chain, High Fashion hopes to help more young people at home and abroad understand the current situation in fashion industry and the silk culture, and see its brand new charm under the influence of science and technology. We also look forward to this kind of connection bringing unlimited possibilties to all of us!
Digital empowerment, Creating a smart future | High Fashion's digital transformation project awarded the
Digital empowerment, Creating a smart future | High Fashion's digital transformation project awarded the "2019 Hangzhou Brands • Quality of Life Review - Event of the Year"
Traditional enterprises will not stay stagnant and await their doom in the era of digital economy. Digitalisation is an unstoppable trend, and it will completely transform traditional manufacturing companies. The digitalisation of Hangzhou's industries is in full swing.The 2019 Hangzhou Brands • Quality of Life Review Press Conference was held at the Hangzhou White Horse Lake Creative Eco-city International Convention & Exhibition Centre on 10 May 2019. The event was attended by over 300 guests coming from the academia, media and business sectors.The press conference illustrated the quality of life in Hangzhou from three perspectives, namely high quality development, high quality governance and high quality of life. New trends and phenomena happening in Hangzhou were thoroughly researched and assesed, and the top 10 phenomena of the year were selected. Having actively embraced the digital economy and comprehensively implemented ""Internet + Manufacturing"", High Fashion's digital transformation project was awarded the "2019 Hangzhou Brands • Quality of Life Review - Event of the Year".The Quality of Life Review is one of the most iconic and influential events that focuses on the lifestyle preferences and characteristics of Hangzhou. It depicts the progressive quality of life in Hangzhou in a unique, narrative manner.High Fashion's digital transformation project was awarded the "High quality development module - The phenomena of traditional enterprise being empowered by digitalisation - Event of the Year". This has proven that Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Internet and digitalisation are now the new drivers of development. The trend of digital economy is pushing for reforms in the traditional manufacturing industry, and this phenomenon is one that cannot be ignored.At the press conference, High Fashion (China)'s Deputy General Manager Mr Ye Gonghui was invited as a special guest to join the live broadcast.When talking about the changes that traditional enterprises go through under digital empowerment, Mr Ye said that although High Fashion is a traditional manufacturing enterprise, it has been pushing for digitalisation for years. From measures in smart manufacturing like digital printing, 3D tailoring to digital management, High Fashion has always been an advocate and expert in digital technology. In the future, High Fashion will continue to devote itself to the development in mechanisation, informatisation and intelligentisation, and help promote the implementation of China's plan on building Hangzhou as the First City with a Digital Economy in China.After a vigorous voting process, High Fashion's silk fashion and activewear brand Silkism was selected and it made a stunning appearance at the brand experience exhibition area. Silk fabrics, plant fibres, 3D designs, digital printing… all these features have made Silkism one of a kind. High Fashion's strong digital capabilities are pivotal to the realisation of Silkism's brand concept - "pursuing a better life".As a garment manufacturing enterprise with a fully vertical supply chain and diversified business, High Fashion has always been innovating new products and enhancing product quality. These principles guide us to continously strengthen our in-house research capabilities and promote the sustainable development of industrial digitalisation.At present, High Fashion has yielded fruits and received recognition for its efforts in building its digital infrastructure.Digitally-driven and delicacy management is essential to the transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprises. In the era of High Fashion's digital transformation 2.0, we must embrace new trends, continue to promote the integration of digital technology into our supply chain and establish a comprehensive digital system in order to realise sustainable development. We believe that under this premise, High Fashion is not far from achieving the goal of becoming a high-end intelligent manufacturing enterprise.