High Fashion International Group

We are taking actions against the Coronavirus|High Fashion’s fight at the frontline

The Coronavirus outbreak demands effective response. It is crucial for us to undertake the responsibility to prevent and control the spread of the virus.

The Coronavirus outbreak has turned the festive Lunar New Year holidays in 2020 into a race against time. The nation has come together as one to battle against the novel virus. All levels of governments have been collaborating closely; medical workers across the country have been mobilised; and the community has given generous support and help. 

On 23 January, the Zhejiang Provincial Government enacted the country’s highest level of public health emergency response. High Fashion (China) understands the importance of complying with the infection control regulations set up by the government. We have high vigilance towards the outbreak. Having observed the actual situation of our company, we swiftly began preparation for a comprehensive infection prevention system. 

1、Holistic planning to ensure accurate implementation of measures 

High Fashion identified the need to develop contingency plans and measures for infection prevention a year ago. In response to the Coronavirus, the Company established a “Coronavirus Emergency Taskforce”, which comprises staff from middle to top level management and also those who are appointed to take up a position in handling the emergency. At the same time, the Company has set up work teams that are responsible for education and promotion, infection prevention and control, and resource management. This clear division of work would ensure accountability.

To improve the coordination of our work, we have implemented the “daily reporting system” to collect information about the progress of infection prevention. Video conferences are held every day through software like WeChat, ZOOM and DingTalk so that we can modify plans, reallocate resources and step up our overall effort. Having understood our responsibility as a corporate, we rise to the challenge by being proactive and fast.


2、Keeping a close watch on employees’ situations 

Having utilised Big Data technology, we developed an information collection platform for employees who have returned to their hometowns during the Lunar New Year holidays. This platform collects information such as employees’ travel and contact histories, health conditions and the situation of their residences. We have been paying special attention to employees who are in areas that are severely affected by the Coronavirus. 

The data collected were thoroughly analysed and then provided to each department. This is to ensure that the departments receive accurate updates about their workers, which is crucial for developing further measures. 


3、Monitoring the health conditions of all employees

The health declaration form was designed and are being distributed. Employees who are staying at company dormitories have to declare their health conditions and other relevant information for monitoring. Each employee’s information is systematically filed. Those who are returning to Hangzhou or to their respective job positions later will also be required to fill in the health declaration form. For those who do not meet the conditions of coming back to work, they will be asked to go home or resume work at a later date. 

4、Educating employees about effective infection prevention practices

Information such as the nature of and ways to prevent Coronavirus infection has been shared to employees through online and offline channels. We place high emphasis on promoting knowledge in infection prevention and control. We maintain close communication with employees through online official accounts, notice boards and by posting huge banners. Employees are constantly reminded to protect themselves and not to believe in or spread false information.





5、Real-time communication between infection prevention/control work teams and employees

A WeChat group was opened such that special arrangements and information about work commencement can be communicated to employees immediately.



Work areas and dormitories are sterilised. Every corner of the public areas such as car parks, office space, dormitory corridors, elevators and toilets are disinfected thoroughly to avoid the spread of the virus. 


7、24-hour shift to guard the entry and exit of workers

-Holiday was cancelled for key persons who are in charge of infection prevention and control, and also for relevant departments. A 24-hour shift system is arranged to allow enclosed management. The entry and exit of individuals in work areas and dormitories are carefully monitored. Stations are set up at each entrance for people to register personal information and health conditions, and do mandatory temperature checks. If one shows symptoms of being infected, corresponding measures will be taken.


8、Ensuring adequate supply of medical resources 

Although there is a shortage of medical supply across the nation, we have successfully solicited help from providers to ensure that there is sufficient stock of face masks, gloves, alcohol, sterilising fluid and infra-red thermometers. This is essential for effective infection prevention and control. 


During this period of hardship, our employees, members of this wonderful and close-knit family, have been working tirelessly to push forward the initiatives of infection prevention and control. Even though it will take time for the Coronavirus outbreak to end, we firmly believe that with our determination and also the help of medical advances, we will be able to win this hard battle together.