High Fashion International Group

Business Overview
Diversified and Innovative Development of Silk with a Sophisticated Industrial Chain
High Fashion International Group has strong silk businesses in Hong Kong, Mainland China, the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, covering the fields of silk production and trade, brand retailing, “double-creation” (creative and innovation) in fashion, and cultural real estate. High Fashion is currently in the leading position in multiple segment business areas, such as silk textile, printing and dyeing, and clothing; holding the front-runner status in the industry in terms of the scale and strengths.
Product Design & Development
Make Sustainable Fashion Accessible To All
By upholding the philosophy of innovation-driven, quality first and green development in the industry, the Group is committed to building a sustainable supply chain.
Brand Retailing
We Create Better Quality of Life
We focus on the innovative development of apparel design and production. From the multi-perspectives into the age groups, price, and product categories, we have formed four different development dimensions of high-end custom brands, high-end luxury brands, fast fashion brands, and lifestyle brands, covering different types of customers.
WL District
Connecting the World with Innovation and Creativity
WL District Hong Kong & Hangzhou (WLD) utilize the development of big data, new retail, and multi-dimensional brand strategies with extensive networks, making bold disruptions and cross-over ventures underpinned by our impeccable supply chain to creatively innovate and curate an eco-system business model.
Property Managment
Oversight of Real Estate and Physical Property
Our property management includes a creative co-working hub of innovation and technology , a cultural park for fashion, technology, and collaboration, an expo center and an industrial park promoting the culture of sustainable silk.