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High Fashion Xinchang Silk Culture Industrial Park
National Grade-AAAA tourist park

The 22-hectare ecological park is filled with ancient mulberry trees and divided into a silk-weaving plant and a scenic area. Birds twit and flowers blossom in harmony all year round, making the Experience Park the first national AAAA-level scenic spot featuring silk culture tourism.

High Fashion Xinchang Silk Culture Industrial Park<br>
High Fashion Xinchang Silk Culture Industrial Park<br>
High Fashion Xinchang Silk Culture Industrial Park<br>
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Ancient Mulberry Botanical Garden
The park has taken up the responsibility to bloom the ancient mulberry trees after their relocation from their origin. The Mulberry trees are of hundreds years of age. We are honored to have a 1600 years old mulberry tree in our Park and it is also the second oldest ancient mulberry tree in China. This forest is also the only botanical garden in China with such a mulberry density.
The Silk World Shopping Mall
The Silk World meets the needs of tourists’ shopping experience by bring them a diverse collection of brands and outlets, traditional silk houses, local souvenirs and agricultural products. This mall also brings the Park a significant economic benedicts and advertising effect. It has also become one of the most attractive spot for tourists.
High Fashion Eco-Recreation Area
The Park’s climate, natural ecology and cultural connotation has allowed it to build a unique eco-recreation area. All the different species of animals has made it a paradise for family trips. The Mulberry and Grape Festival allows you to experience the fun of harvest; The Eco Hotel offers an alternative silky mulberry banquet to provide visitors with a wide range of activities and options.
The Smart Factory for Silk Production
Geared with digitalized machines, our smart factory is a widely recognized demonstration hub for smart production. Our digital workshop is operated by big data computing system, and this advanced system allows us to monitor energy consumption and performance in real-time, and the goal is to realize fully remote control production, while automation has greatly enhanced efficiency. This digitalized and automated production system is a national forerunner in the silk industry in China.
National R&D Center
Since 2008, we have worked to establish a large-scale Silk Products R&D Center. Through independent innovation, industry-university collaboration and technology transfer, we conducted research on silk product developments, participated in the revision of national standards and industry standards, including 35 standards for Zhejiang manufacturing entities and 118 patent in valid. We have been granted 22 copyright in art publications and 2000 copyrights in photography. We are the only National Silk Products Development Center and Silk Trend Research Center recognized by the Government, providing silk manufacturing business a substantial and complete back-up.
The Chinese Silk Culture Expo
The 5000-year old silk history in China honors Zhejiang as the “the Home to Silk”. In the Culture Expo there is a wide variety of historical profiles, silk weaving demonstration, ancient looms exhibition, and silk products of all ages that allow visitors to experience the charm of the silk culture and its legacy. This is the best place to understand the origin and story of silk.