High Fashion International Group

Sustainable Development
Green ecology, efficient and intensive cultural communication, achieving harmony between production and ecology
We uphold the strategic concept of green R&D, green manufacturing, green operation and green products and integrate the concept of environmental protection into every step in the research and development, design and manufacturing process of our products with a foundation of continuous development and technological innovation. We also implement environmental projects involving aspects such as wastewater, waste gas, photovoltaic power generation, solar heat collection, ice storage, and our carbon footprint.
Sustainable Fashion
Green low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection initiatives are crucial to the High Fashion Group in the process of achieving sustainable development of the company.
Cultural Heritage
High Fashion Group integrates traditional craftsmanship with modern methods and leads the way to internationalization in fashion, technology and innovation.
The Group has always been dedicated to supporting social welfare as a responsibility inherent in corporate development. Since its establishment, it has always paid attention to the social value and responsibility of the company and walked the path of charity.
School and Enterprise Integration
In order to better cultivate the highly-skilled talent; help students to better achieve employment, and promote cooperation and innovation among industry, universities and research institutes, the Group utilized its resource advantages to establish an integrated school and enterprise education model.