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New Year, New Beginning | We Dream Big and We Take Actions

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All High Fashion-ers are working hard for their personal aspirations and for High Fashion's goals. 

14 February 2019, the tenth day of the first Lunar month, marked the beginning of a new Lunar year. It was also the day when High Fashion-ers resumed work after the Chinese New Year. A ceremony celebrating the fresh start of the year was held in the headquarters of High Fashion (China). Ms Zheng Lu, General Manager of High Fashion (China) and Secretary of Party Committee, Ms Shen Qiongang, Group Human Resources Director, Mr Ye Gonghui, Deputy General Manager of High Fashion (China), Mr Chen Weihua, Chief Financial Officer of High Fashion (China), Ms Pan Fengjiao, Personnel and Administration Director of High Fashion (China), members of the top and middle management teams attended the ceremony to share the joy, excitement and hope for the future with all employees.

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The ceremony began with loud drumrolls, followed by a spectacular lion dance. Mr Yu Guangming, Deputy General Manager of Production of Garment Branch and Mr Tao Yaoding, Executive Deputy General Manager of Printing and Dyeing Branch, dotted the eyes of the lion to officially kick off the festive celebration. The lively and uplifting lion dance performance symbolised that High Fashion will flourish and prosper in the year ahead.

Following the performance, new year blessings and sweet candies were handed out to all employees. Everyone cheered with passion and exchanged good wishes with each other. Happiness and excitement filled every corner of the building. We are sincerely grateful to all customers for their long-term support and trust, and we would like to thank every High Fashion-er for his/her hard work. On the first day of work resumption, workers of the Jinhua factory, Jieyi and Industry-Learning-Research base returned to work as scheduled. 

In the past year, High Fashion focused on key initiatives and carried out restructuring. Through adopting a diverse development model and an internet-oriented approach, we have fully integrated our full industry chain resources, achieved breakthroughs in product innovation, smart manufacturing and sustainability. Our parallel development in culture and technology enabled us to reach new heights, and showcased our capabilities and creativity in the process of enterprise transformation, upgrading and sustainable development.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, as well as the beginning of High Fashion's next 40-year journey. This is the year for us to build ourselves into the top international fashion manufacturing enterprise, promote green and smart manufacturing, and lead the green development of silk. It is an important year for us to implement the "new silk, green manufacturing, more eco-friendly" strategy and WL District's "full industry chain creative dual platform" development. This is the year for innovation and sharing.

We will not forget why we started. It's time for us to set sail towards the future. In 2019, not only will we be dreamchasers, but we will strive to become a more valuable High Fashion-er. Striving for success remains the theme of this year. Every great undertaking begins with a dream and succeeds with hard work. But dreams do not come true on their own - we must take every step steadily, lay out reasonable plans and clear goals, and work toward our targets with a high standard in mind and a striving attitude. We must work hard, take actions and execute our plans in order to realise our dreams. 

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We have great ambitions, and we keep our feet on the ground. In this coming year, let us dream big and strive for excellence, let us face every challenge with a fighting spirit, face every opportunity with a brand new outlook, and start our new journey with high spirits. We should have faith in ourselves and keep going.

Believing in ourselves and the values we uphold, and taking actions in accordance with our beliefs are of utmost importance. We should have faith, belief and confidence in ourselves. We should believe in what we learn, contemplate about what we learn, and execute what we learn. We have to transform our learnings into unwavering beliefs, into the correct outlooks on the world in life, so that we can create a better future.